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The Yoghurt Factory
by Sulet

Axelia was from Greece. She's an ordinary 24 year old girl who was sharing the three room house with her two best friends, Stella and Morgan. She had just moved to America about one month ago and everything was perfectly fine. Not really perfect because nobody's perfect but things were going right and the way she wants it to be: good. She worked in a yoghurt factory, she got really high salary and she had two best friends who were really good to her and they were like triplets.

Till one day... Axelia was working over-time. It was her second week at that work and it was 2:30am. She had come to the upstairs toilet as she really needed the toilet urgently and the 1st story toilet was full of people. She had just finished and came out from the cubicle. She washed her hands and combed her hands.

Suddenly, she felt someone behind and looked in the mirror. No one. She thought that it was her imagination. In the blink of an eye, she was shivering. And by now she was running like a mad woman and she ran up the stairs and all the way to the seventh story. She jumped down. She heard the sirens but she couldn't move, not even open her eyes WIDE. Why did she jump down? The last person she saw was the paramedics. Even when she saw her, she couldn't open her eyes. She just knew it.

She had just fallen from the seventh story and got injured and had brain damage. She was in a coma and nobody could ask her what happened.

About two months later, she passed away. Nobody knows what happened. THIS IS THE END OF THE STORY. I hope that you enjoyed and thanks a lot for reading and I really appreciate it! And R.I.P Miss Axelia xxx Rose 1986 2012.

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