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Written & Illustrated by Juli Krasinski


Voices singing to the heavens, dance round ritual fire.

Children crying soulfully, at mothers funeral pyre.

Whisper gently to the wind that we may know your heart.

Tell us now Great Father, that we may do our part.

Howls upon the darkness, from whence time once began.

Whimpers won't elude us, we'll not be broken from our clan.

Whisper softly in the night, that we may know we're not alone.

Call to us Great Mother. Unto us, your light be shown.

Prayers waft on tendrils swift, speed along the days.

Mantra chanted on incense drifts, we each in our own ways.

Whisper not a judgment past, to thine heart be true.

Let us know the worth of life and not this day to rue.

Spoken words of wisdom, tis a hard but kindly lot.

Walk your path and stay it. But of others, judge them not.

Whisper now of colors, on bows made out of choice.

After all, we are but whispers, of a greater voice.

The End

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Written and Illustrated by Juli Krasinski

Mother, Artist, Gypsy and Hermit

Juli is a very odd artist who seems strange even to her friends and loved ones. She had a very weird childhood which is reflected in her eccentric behavior and art. We're not sure what she does in her spare time, but we believe it consists of barefeet, cats and lots of laughing.

You can email Juli at Juli@ozarkgypsyart.com

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once she grows up." -- Pablo Picasso

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