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Weirdo Part III
by Madeleine

Beatrice backed away in horror. It wasn't true... it couldn't be true. "I see you are scared of the truth. Looks like your little trick backfired. All your friends abandoned you ages ago."

Beatrice recovered from the shock. "You can't fool me with your ancestors gravestones! I know you are alive!!!"

"Prove it! Or are you too cowardly to go inside a tomb on Halloween!"

Beatrice suddenly realized her mistake. If she didn't do it Luna would tell everyone she was a coward. Well Luna had underestimated her! "I'll do it!"

"The key is under the weeping willow." Luna smirked as Queen Bea followed her orders. Beatrice found a small silver key. When she reached the small hill Luna said, "The door is in the hill."

When Beatrice opened the door Luna followed her inside. The inside of the tomb was made of diamond, revealing a silver covering. Small, glowing jewels lit up the stairs. Down the staircase led them, so deep that it seemed they were headed for Hell itself. But instead of becoming unbearably hot, it seemed to be getting colder. Just as it seemed the stairs would never end, they leveled out into a vast cavern.

Queen Bea trembled as she approached the stone coffin across the room. She slowly opened the sarcophagus. Inside were thirteen silver coffins. They last one had a scroll of paper bound with a black ribbon. Inside it said:

Velvet encloses the coffins key,
A work of art to set her free,
Magic flows through these walls,
Protecting this delicate legend of balls,
In eternal sleep she dreams sweet dreams,
Royal blood of a powerful queen,
Ever seeking life once more,
Never choose to awaken her.

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