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Weirdo Part 6
by Madeleine

Beatrice screamed and ran for the exit. But Luna had blocked the door by the time she reached it. Fixing her eyes hungrily upon Bea's throat, Luna flashed her fangs. They were long and sharp. Her eyes were filled with hunger.

"To regain my full strength, I must feed. You will suffice."

With that Luna lunged towards Beatrice. Beatrice ducked under the attacking monster and grabbed a rock. When Luna charged again, Bea slammed the rock into her. She made a wild dash for the door. Queen Bea barely reached it. She slammed it shut, once again trapping the vampire inside.

Breathing heavily, she realized it was dawn. The changing sky seemed to call to her, saying there was still time to change, to reach out with kindness before the dark engulfed her, overwhelming her very soul. Bea made a decision, a decision to do the right thing. She now realized that she was a lot like Luna. This horrified her. But unlike Luna she could change. She smiled and ran into the light.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The caretaker walked into the tomb. Some stupid kids locked somebody down there as a prank. He opened the door and felt a sting in his neck. Then came only darkness, as the life was sucked away.

The end

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