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Weirdo Part V
by Madeleine

Beatrice whipped around. "You! You're a ghost!"

"Not a ghost, Beet, a vampire."

The reply seemed to come from both Lunas at once. With growing horror, Beatrice watched the corpse Luna start to rise. On the other side, the spirit Luna started to fade. Within mere seconds, the two had merged, and Luna, the priceless beauty of her time, pride and horror of her family, rose from the coffin that had separated her body and soul, to once again breathe and enjoy life.

"I was once prized by all who knew me. I had everything I could possibly want. But one thing was missing. One thing that brought me back. I had to be free of it! I had to! Until I gained immortality, I could not be content. I knew that I would lose everything at death. The only way to guarantee power was to never die. So I studied the legends of vampires, learned to recognize them. In the dark of night I sought one out. I forced her to bite me, to make me invincible. But before the change was complete, she brought back my family. Horrified at my actions, they encased me in silver, trapping my soul in the outside world. Only a human could possibly open the tomb. And now I am free. Finally free! No one can stand against me!"

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