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by Madeleine

It was Halloween night. The in-crowd were invited to the huge Halloween party at the mayor's mansion. His daughter Beatrice (A.K.A. Queen Bea) had decided to throw a party for all the popular kids at the local high. She told everyone about how fun it would be to come, but you needed an invitation of course.

The less popular kids didn't dare protest. They knew that the Queen Bea ruled the school. If they disobeyed her orders she would make their lives miserable. She had a nickname among the less important kids too. They called her Beet-red behind her back.

She noticed Luna, lowest of the low, looking at her in disgust. "Hey," she whispered, "Lets all go to the weirdo's house tonight. She lives by the graveyard. Her grandfather is the caretaker and her only living relative. Ten bucks to whoever stays the longest."

At midnight the silent group of trespassers crept slowly up the crooked path, through a cluster of tombstones, and over to the creepy mansion. They each chose a spot to hide in. Beatrice decided on a large patch of newer looking graves.

As she passed the largest one she noticed that the mansion looked ancient. It had no lights on, no garage, no satellite dish, and no cars were parked there. The windows were all boarded up and cobwebs and dust decorated the outside. The railing on the porch and balconies was spiked and rusty. Paint was peeling and the doors hung on their hinges.

To be continued...

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