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What Became of Veronica Louis? 2: Veronica's Story
by Taylor

Present Time, September 3rd, 2012:

It was a damp, wet morning. Quincy Winn was startled by the loud ringing of her alarm clock. Downstairs, her mother and father were talking about something in hushed voices.

Quincy, (we will call her Quinn), tip-toed to her closet and grabbed her raincoat. She grabbed a pink t-shirt and a pair of light blue jeans.

Quinn strained to hear what her parents were muttering about. Something about "doctor's results" and "having to buy a bigger house."

Quinn didn't like the sound of that, but continued getting ready for her school day. After 5 minutes she was downstairs eating toast with jam on it and a bowl of Lucky Charms.

"Quinn, we need to tell you something," Mr. Winn said slowly.

"Yes daddy?" Quinn said softly.

"We are going to have a new member of our family. A little baby boy," Mrs. Winn said, a shining smile on her face.

Quinn could have died right there. A baby BOY? She thought to herself. Her eyes watered and she softly muttered, "I'm not that hungry anymore."

Quinn got up and went to the front door.

"Quinn, I understand you're upset, but I would like to talk to you," Mrs. Winn called. Quinn ignored it. She just wanted to go to school and come home and just talk about it when she was in a better mood.

"Quincy A. Winn, don't ignore me," Mrs. Winn called.

Quinn ignored that request and managed a brief, "See you after school."


"Hey Quinn, what's wrong?" Stacy Parker, Quincy's best friend called.

"Baby...Brother," Quinn choked. It was hard to say that.

"Oh. Hey, wait up!" Stacy called and ran after her. ôSo what I'm hearing is you're gonna have a baby brother?"

"Yeah.," Quinn muttered.

"Hey Quinn, I got this dare from Sarah Harris, she dared me to go to the Marvin Residence. Something about a vampire girl named Veronica Louis there. Will you come with after school?" Stacy asked.

"Sure. Something to get my mind off of the baby brother thing." Quinn said. She shrugged and walked through the doors of Jonathon E. George middle school.


The day went on slowly and finally the final bell rang and Quincy and Stacy were headed to the Marvin Residence.

"Quincy, do you believe that there really is a Veronica vampire girl or whatever that lives in there?" Stacy whimpered.

"No. I bet Sarah is trying to...Oh wow!" Quinn gasped. "This place, is a mess." She gasped.

"Well, let's go." Stacy nudged Quinn.

"OUCH! I'm coming, I'm coming." Quinn sighed. She followed Stacy up the path and to the door.

Stacy and Quincy both tried to pry open the door, but it wouldn't budge. Inside, they heard a girl sobbing. There was a click and the door swung open. But no one was there. All they found, was a little journal with a green velvet ribbon marking a page.


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