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What Became of Veronica Louis? 1: Veronica's Story
by Taylor

October, Friday 13th, 1987:

It was a chilled autumn morning. Veronica Louis stepped out her front door at exactly 7:43 AM and walked down Centerfield Drive to the bus stop, and waited for bus number 56.

As the bus pulled up, her best friend Lucinda Gregory ran our her front door, calling, "Hey Ronni, what's new?"

Veronica smiled and waved and boarded the bus. It was quite the same, except for the fact that the C.P.G (Cute Popular Girls) were a bit more giggly when Veronica walked by.

"What is it this time?" Veronica asked, standing in front of the girls.

"The date." The ringleader, Karen Smith grinned, flashing longer canines than Veronica had ever seen.

Well, Veronica forget to see what date it was on her calendar this morning so she shrugged her shoulders and walked to her seat. Veronica and Lucinda talked on the way to school, agreeing that the C.P.G's were acting a little creepy this morning.

The day dragged on slowly, until the end of the day, when the C.P.G's met Veronica at the back of the school.

"What's going on?" Veronica asked, her eyes darting along all the girls. "You guys have been stalking me all day today!"

Karen laughed and exposed long, white fang-like canines. "Sorry, your scent is so, so, beautiful we just had to follow." Karen said, hunger filling her eyes.

"Okay, then. I'll be on my way." Veronica tried to walk away but the C.P.G's were so quick that in 2 seconds time they were in front of Veronica.

Fear went up and down Veronica's spine. The C.P.G's smiled and smelled the air. "Mmm, fea," Karen giggled.

The girls stood around Veronica, with Karen closing in. Suddenly, Karen flew through the air and on top of Veronica! She sunk her fangs into Veronica's neck. Veronica screamed then all went silent when Karen was done feeding. Karen got back and stood up, and smiled.

Veronica leaped up and took off running, Karen laughing.

Veronica ran past Centerfield to the outskirts of town, where the abandoned Marvin Residence stood tall and old. She ran up the porch, and sobbing, grabbed the key from under the mat (it was her clubhouse with her friends), and locked herself inside, hiding herself from the world.

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