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Under the Stairs
by Daisy

A mother and father were going out to dinner, so they hired a babysitter called Emily. Emily was called over after the parents put their three children to bed. "We will be back at twelve tonight. We will give you 25 if you keep anything under control". "And one more thing, if you hear that stupid banging coming from under the stairs, take no notice of it", and they left the babysitter alone down the stairs.

Quickly Emily went to the kitchen and got some cheesy puffs and some cola. She sat herself down on the sofa and feasted on her service of food, flicked on the telly and drifted off to sleep.

BANG BANG BANG! A loud noise woke Emily up from her sleep and apparently her last. It was coming from the under stairs cupboard. Maybe there was a pet in there that the parents didn't want her to see she thought. One peek wont hurt would it. But what if there was something personal in there that they wanted no one to see, that's maybe why they said take no notice of it. But why would it make a banging sound.

It was final, Emily was going to open the cupboard door. Slowly she opened the door until she heard scratching against the door and something tried to push out. Suddenly a mouth drooling beast appeared from the cupboard. At midnight the parents came home and found Emily on the floor, but no monster was to be seen, maybe it went to another home waiting for someone innocent to be leashed into his trap.

Just remember, if you here banging form your under stairs cupboard.... RUN!!!!!

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