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Turning Part 1
by Wyatt M.

What would you do if you were stuck in a house with another family? There were two families and one house. These events are linked together, one by one.

The house was in the woods in the middle of no where, literally in the middle of no where. One of the families were the Collins, and the other family was the Barths. Both families noticed the house was for sale by the newspaper, and this guy was walking up and down the streets with fliers about it. The Collins family were a little suspicious about the guy but they took a flier anyways. After they did that, the Barth family did the same thing the Collins family did.

When they went to look at it, both families ended up there at the same time. They found a doll at the front door. They all got into an argument on who got there first and who looks at the house first. Something happens to the Barth’s car, their engine blew up. And when they try to leave, they ended up going in a circle thirty-two times and figure out that they can’t leave. But the thirty-third time they try to leave, they find a girl in the woods running towards them screaming. The families started to freak out and then they found out that the girl's tongue was gone. Nobody knows how or what happened to her. They all end up going into the house because it got dark. They try to help the girl but they can’t do anything to help her.

So the Barth family and the Collins family “lived” in the house for a few days. The only thing they had to eat was canned beef soup. The two families and the girl lasted for about a week. But the Collins family’s mother disappeared and they could not find her. When dinner came, five cans of meat appeared every time, but now only four were there now. They called this system “what goes another does”. They had this go on for about one year. They started to go a little crazy. But managed not to hurt each other.

To be continued...

This is only the first part of the them living in the mysterious house.

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