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Thump, Clang
by Taylor

One Night, Long Ago...

"Let me out! You've got the wrong guy!" Jack Glenburg shouted at the security guard in front of his cell.

"Ah Jack. All clues led to you so QUIET!" The security guard snapped.

Jack jumped back and sat down. "How could this happen?" He asked himself.

Jack Glenburg was a good man, never did anything wrong. If he wasn't obeying rules, he was enforcing them. His brother, Bradley Glenburg, was the real criminal. He got in TONS of trouble with the law constantly. So how could such a pleasant man be accused. No one knew. Jack's Mother was very disappointed in her son, which she'd never been. Jack and Bradley never had a father. He died when both of them were young children. He was a great man who fought in the war.

What had happened was that Bradley had murdered their cruel neighbor, Ms. Sheen. She got on his last nerve, and he sneaked into her house late that night and killed her. Then, Bradley framed his goody-two-shoes brother so that he could seem like the better one for once.


"He's dead! What're we gonna do with him, Cheif?" Bill Rossman, the security guard shrieked.

"Bury him with the others." Cheif Browman said.

Jack was dead. He had been in prison for years and just couldn't last. Depression took over him.

"Call his family, if they'd care." The Cheif said.

"He's dead?!" Ms. Glenburg shrieked.

"Stay calm, ma'am. It's true. He couldn't take staying in jail. Too much." Bill Rossman said.

"Okay, Sir." Ms. Glenburg choked into the telephone.

"Have a nice evening, ma'am." There was a click and the conversation was at it's end.

"Bradley! Come here, son!" Ms. Glenburg called.

"Yeah, Mama?" Bradley asked, a smirk on his face. He'd been eavesdropping on the conversation.

"Jack couldn't take prison. He died, honey." Ms. Glenburg sniffed.

"Yeah. I heard. Mama I need to tell you something..." Bradley said.

"Yeah dear?" Ms. Glenburg asked.

"Jack didn't commit no stupid crime! I did!" Bradley laughed.

"No! No, no, no, no, no!" Ms. Glenburg gasped.

"Yep. And you're next." Bradley said. He took the knife out of his pocket and raised his hand up.

Ms. Glenburg tried to shriek for help but she couldn't. Just as Bradley was going to stab his Mama, something cold held him there. Just then, Jack appeared quickly then disappeared, but the force still held Bradley.

"Leave her alone." Echoed a raspy voice. Bradley dropped the knife and turned to run, but was stopped short by the cold force. First, he felt a small flame of pain shoot through him, then it got worse, and worse, and then he realized what was happening.

"AHHHH!" He screamed. There was a THUMP of Bradley's body falling and the CLANG of the knife falling.

"Mama, I apologize, but for being disappointed in the wrong guy, the son who was always there for you..."

"AAHHHH!" Ms. Glenburg shrieked. Jack disappeared, echoed laughter filled the house.

Soon, another family moved in.

"Hey there, son." Jack said to the troublemaker of the family. "I gotta surprise for ya." The young troublemaker walked to Jack... THUMP, CLANG!!!

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