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The Vanishing
by Skye

On Halloween night, two girl were trick or treating. These girls have been best friends since the year of 1882 in the first grade. Anyways, when they were trick or treating they felt like someone was following them but every time they look back they didn’t see anybody so they kept walking. Soon their walking came to the pace of jogging then running. Then they tried to turn back to run home, but they saw someone in the middle of the road.

So they turned around and started to run, but faster this time. They ran faster, faster, faster, and faster until one of the girls (named Genna) fell and twisted her ankle. Her friend (named Satara) helped her up. Genna couldn’t run any more, so Satara grabbed Genna's arm and put it around her and helped her run. The ran in into the woods, but it go harder to run because of all the sticks. Then they found a hiding spot and fell asleep there. About a half hour later they woke up because there was a crunching noise a couple feet away. So the got up and quietly ran.

About a mile away they found this little cottage. They started knocking crazily on the cottage door. Then this little old lady answered the door. After about a minute she answered with, “Go away monster, I'll shoot you” and the girls screamed. The little old lady said she was sorry and that she thought they were a killer or robber because she never gets visitors. She welcomed them in and suggested they stay over and call there parents and let them know that they were OK. So that’s what they did. But the next morning, the old lady was no where to be found. They yelled, looked, and thought, but they just couldn’t find her. So they left a note saying they had left.

It read: Dear nice lady, we are going home now. Thanks for helping us when we needed it. Sincerely, the little girls.

Then the girls got lost in the woods. It was about nine o'clock pm when they got out of the woods. Then about five minutes later somebody grabbed them and took them back into the woods duck-taped there mouths shut and tied their arms together. They were screaming, but it was no use. Nobody could here them.

Finally, using teamwork, they got up and used the trees sharp tree bark to cut open the rope. They took the tape off their mouths and started to run. Then the same person who kidnapped them before grabbed Genna. Satara screamed and ran. She ran all the way out of the woods and to her house, ran upstairs to her sisters room and told her sister all about what had happened and how the man took Genna. They planned to sneak out around midnight and go look for her..

When they were at the edge of the woods, they heard Genna scream. Satara's sister ran and...


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