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The Vampires House
by Sophie

It all began ... when I woke up at 7:30am on a Saturday morning. I brushed my teeth and got changed. As quick as a lightning bolt, I hurried downstairs so that I could watch my favorite program called 'The Vampires Mansion!' Ive always loved watching it because its exciting and scary to watch!!!

But... something was truly wrong! Where was mum and dad and my big annoying sister! Terrified, I rushed to their beds just to make sure if they were there, but how? Where would they have gone? My heart was pounding and I absolutely did not know what was going on. After a short while I waited, I switched 'The Vampires Mansion' on.

Suddenly, I could not believe my eyes! My mum, my dad and my sister were on the telly. The cartoon telly, but they were not cartoons... they were humans. At that very moment I was petrified and I froze with horror. But how? When? I was completely confused!

Shocked and confused I could see my mum in 'The Vampire House.' She was saying, If there is anyone out there watching this film get me out!

My mind was racing with thoughts. It's like they had been zapped into a nightmare! My heart was thumping and pounding heavily as if it was me who was in 'The Vampires House!'

So after a few minutes of panicking, I decided to go into the telly. I just really hoped that I would get out of this telly ALIVE with my mum, dad and my sister! So, I went in through the telly. I just had to do it. There I was in this big, dark and frightening mansion just what it looked like when I always watched this film! Tears fended back in my eyes and I just wanted my family back!!

Before I wanted to cry I knew I had to do it! Firstly, I had to find my mum. According to my mind, I knew where mum was! Relieved and emotional I found my mum.

I cried, "Mum Ive found you. Go out to the telly and I will find dad!"

Although I wasn't completely sure of what I was doing, I just knew I had to save them! I walked a few distance, then there was a saying. It said... RUN I'M COMING! My heart began to beat so loud. It was like a tennis ball banging in the wall!

I was absolutely terrified and I couldnt tell you my fears. I ran as quickly as my legs could carry me now. This time it was scary SCARY! I found dad and my sister. I was so happy! But... there was no time to waste. We ran like we never ran before. Suddenly, there was a big screen. We jumped out!

Suddenly, there was nothing in the telly anymore. It was just the film, 'The Vampires House' playing. It was of a film about something chasing some people! I said to mum and dad.

"So was that us on the telly being chased?" Dad replied, "I do not know, but that was creepy."

I just smiled and said, "Nothing's more frightening than 'The Vampires House'!"

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