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The Thing
by Sydney

Once, there were two friends. Their names were Sam and Joe. One day, they were going out for a walk, when this smudgy kind of 'thing' came out of the woods. They were pretty far away, so they couldn't really tell what it was. Sam and Joe were just trying to get home, but the thing kept following them.

Finally, Sam stood up and said, "I'm going to see what that thing is. It's been following us for about what, two miles now?" He walked over to the little figure thing and tried to look at it.

It was really pitch black, but he took a closer look at his eyes. They were glowing! Sam got a little scared, so he kicked it, and its leg broke off and rolled across the street. He was absolutely horrified.

Joe was watching the whole time, and he too got scared. Sam and Joe started to run and the thing started to jog.

After just five minutes of running, the thing started in another direction and it DISAPPEARED.

The two friends got very scared, and thought that it would be better if Joe slept over at Sam's house, in case the thing came back. Sam and Joe barely ever left each others sides. They couldn't forget that day. It was carved into the back of their skulls.

Many years later, Sam got old and died. Joe was there when he died, obviously, but Joe saw something familiar. He saw the face of the thing, right there on his best friends head.

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