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The Survivor!
by Alex W.

There was this 7-year old boy named Tyler. He loved playing in the snow during the winter. His mom, his dad and his sister loved him very much.

One day his mom let him go to the park by himself because she knew he was responsible enough to go by himself. When he went to the park he was playing on top of a mountain and there was a snow blower near him.

When he saw it, he didn't want to get hurt so he decided to change mountains. While he was changing mountains he tripped over a piece of ice and slipped!

His legs were about to get chopped but he was trying his best to hold on to a piece of ice but his grip wasn't strong enough. Five seconds later he was being sliced to smithereens. The driver saw something red outside in front of his blower. He stopped right away and when he looked outside all he saw was a little kid with no legs and only half of a body left of him.

The man brought him to the hospital as soon as he could. When he got there he tried to find a way to contact his family. They finally contacted his mom and she got there as fast as she could.

When she got there the doctors said there was no chance of him surviving. She started crying like crazy but a few seconds later Tyler opened his eyes and said "mom?" They couldn't believe his was alive! For the rest of his life he was in a electrical wheelchair.

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