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The Statue
by Taylor

One night, there was a young man named Phillip driving through the woods. He was talking on his cell phone, when suddenly his car broke down. It started to rain and all of the phone lines went dead. He got disconnected and suddenly saw some sort of figure standing next to his car. It was a man!

Phillip rolled down his window and said, "May I help you, Sir?"

The old man just stared at him. "Hello there, young-one, please, I see that old car of yours had broken down. Follow me. My master for sure will take care of you."

Phillip was so fearful, but he followed anyways.

"Here we are!" The old man said.

Then, another man appeared. "Hands, who have you brought with you this evening?" He said.

"Sire, I have brought a young man whose car broke down in the street and needs a place to stay for a bit. Would you mind if he stayed here for a bit?" Hands said.

The Master replied, "Sure! I'd love to have company. Just be sure to tell him about - you know..."

"Of course, Sir," Hands replied.

Hands led Phillip up a stair case, where they made a right, down another stair case, where they made a left, and finally up another stair case where they went forward.

"Here you are, Sir," Hands said.

"Thank you, so much." Phillip said.

Hands remembered, "Young man, may I tell you something? It's important. Whatever you do now, don't push over the bed, move the rug, and go down through the trap door ok? It's not a place for any new-comers to go."

Phillip responded, "Oh, yes sir!"

"Good Night."

Hands had left. Now, Phillip (of course) moved the bed, took off the rug, and opened the trap door. He found another stair case. He walked down it, where he saw another door, this door was an old door though. He trying to open it, but it was stuck, he finally opened the door and he saw the sun! He was outside!

It was beautiful out! He ran over to the flower garden, where he saw IT. "IT" happened to be a statue. On "IT" it said, "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH--OR ELSE!!!! MUAHAHAHA..."

Phillip, he was stupid enough to touch it, and nothing happened. He started to laugh, he laughed soooooooo hard, that he wet himself. Then, the statue came to life. Phillip didn't even realize it.

The statue said, "MUAHAHAHA! Phillip!"

Phillip turned around and saw the statue. The statue said, "I'd run if I were you! 'Cause I'm gonna get you!"

Phillip ran like the wind. He ran through the doorway and up the stairs and out of his room and went backward down the hallway and down the stairs and made a right and up the stairs and made a left until finally, he was in the main lobby.

He ran out the main entrance and ran to his broken car. He locked the doors. He felt relieved. Until he saw the statue coming. The statue ran until he reached the car. He punched his fist through the dash board and tapped Phillip.

The statue said, "Tag! You're it!"

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