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The Noise
by Faaria

It was a black, thundery Halloween night and 10-year-old Simon Eastman had just heard a suspicious scrape on his bedroom window. Suddenly his safe, warm bed didn't seem so safe anymore.

Then came the sound-a high pitched wail that seemed to come from above, from below, perhaps from even behind the wardrobe?

Simon couldn't just lie there - he had to go and investigate? As he climbed out of bed to get some very necessary supplies for his investigation, a icy cold shiver ran down his spine like someone had just walked across his grave. The hairs on the back of his neck were on their ends, his heart was pounding as fast as a Cheetah chasing a Gazette.

Suddenly he froze on the spot, a shadow had just walked past his bedroom door. Simon wondered, “what's happening?” There was no possible explanation as the room was pitch black and there was nothing silhouetted to create the shadow.

Finally Simon had gathered everything he needed to find this ghostly ghoul. He silently walked down the stairs going past his mom and dad's room without trying to wake up the creaking floorboard.

As he got to the landing the shadow swifted past the living room door with ease. He quickly sauntered after him, it led him to the kitchen where the television was on a cooking channel. There was pots and pans everywhere. “Why would a shadow want to cook?” Simon chuckled to himself.

There and then Simon had fallen asleep with tiredness.

Would he ever discover the shadow that gave him the creeps?

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