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The Mysterious House
by Jason

There was a kid named Robby. He loved to go explore and go to the extreme. But whatever is waiting for him will make him never want to go on another adventure.

“Hey Robby!” said Melinda, “So...going on another adventure?”


“Well... can I go along with you?”

“Sure I guess.”

“Yay! Where are we going?” asked Melinda.

“We are exploring a house down the block that has been abandoned for a long time.”

“Who lived there?” asked Melinda.

“A man named Billy and his wife, Amanda. And the hated kids. They would torture kids that stepped on there lawn. Then they yelled and yelled and yelled.”

“Wow. Talk about harshness.” said Melinda.

“Lets go,” said Robby.

They started walking towards the house. “AAH!!!!!!! a spider!!!” screamed Melinda.

“No silly, its just a mosquito. Oh. Are you sure you will be OK going on the adventure with me?”

“Yeah. I will be fine.”

OK. Here's some facts about the house. It says it is haunted by the couples spirits and pets.”

“Why? asked Melinda.

“Because they had a big fight both the husband and wife were mad at each other because the husband was dating another person. So then the wife attempted to kill her husband, but ended up killing herself and her husband.”

“Wow,” said Melinda, “how did she kill him and herself?”

“She hung herself.”

“Oh, that is scary... were here. err.. I am scared Robby..” Melinda grabbed Robby's arm.


If ready means scared half to death, then yea. Whoa. the door just opened. Well I guess that’s the way in.”

Robby grabbed Melinda's arm and pulled her inside. The door shuts...SLAM!



“ookkk,” Melinda grits her teeth.

“Well. This place is dark and deserted.”

“Theres food!?!”

“No. Deserted means...”

“Oh, I don’t care right now.”

“OK... lets go,” said Robby.

They walk towards the living room.

MMMEEEEOOOWW.... “What was that?” the both say.

”I think it was a cat or a gghhoosstt... sure. OK lets go up stairs.”

“NO!!! We go downstairs.”

“OK then.”

Melinda drops to the ground.

”You OK Melinda?” no answer. “I have to check her pulse. AAH!!!! a snake!!!” Robby throws it downstairs.

It gets scarier and scarier.....will Robby save Melinda or not...

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