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The Jade Necklace Part 1
by Isha

There was one boy who had this Jade necklace. A LOT of people told him it was haunted! But that's another story...

This one man who had the same jade necklace...well he bought it for his mom. But unfortunately, he lost it, and he searched for it. Well he died looking for it.. and it has been 234 years now! He swore he will find it... it was the last sentence he said.

The boy bumped into his friend.

“I'm bored dude!” said Max his friend.

“I know! Same,” replied James the boy.

“Wanna tell scary stories? That's entertaining!” asked Max.

“Sure!” said James.

So they went to the beach and Max went first. He told the SAME story.

“Why'd you tell that? I already heard it! I am SO sick of it! Let's go to the boiler room... that's where most of the ghosts are. We might bump into the 'GHOST' in the story. James scoffed.

“Okay dude,” said Max.

They both did what James said.

When they reached there, Max was scared. James was as well. When they reached there, it was only 11:59.

“We need to leave! I don't wanna be here at MIDNIGHT! Most of the ghosts come at midnight.” said Max.

“Oh don't be a scaredy cat,” James spoke up.

They heard wailing, screaming and whispering...the first second when it turned 12:00.

The story gets scary here.

To be continued.....

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