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The House on West Mescal Street
by Joyce

Hi I am Joyce, Paranormal Contacting -- well you will find out what I am later. This is my story. It is completely true! I swear on my life! This is how it began:

Joyce, a young girl at age 9, was a perfectly normal kid. Or so she thought! She was moving to Glendale, she was currently living in Mesa. (This only has to do with he house she picks!)

She looked at four houses with her mom. She chose the first house, but once she moved everything there, on that night she felt odd. As if she were being watched! She went to sleep.

About 7 months later on Christmas Eve, She heard something go BUMP! "What was that!?" she asked herself. She was too scared to look. She decided to watch tv all night, to take her mind off it.

About 5 months later, she started hearing a child's voice!

"Wha-", it said.

Joyce said," Who's there?" Nobody answered.

Then a month later Joyce's mom said she started hearing a man's voice call her name! Now Joyce is really scared of going out at night.

But then, Joyce, being a Paranormal Contact Mind, had dreams about her old home from when she was about 4! A playground, then her old house from when she was 4. But the really paranormal thing is... she knew she was asleep! She could think for herself! But nobody in her dream could see her! Nor in her second dream! Then when she woke up, her pet cat could talk to her. Only her! And that brings it up to today: 8/11/2012.

And that is my story, I am now 10. Try to decode my last secret!

I ma a flowerew! I lliw tae uoy fi uoy mrah em!

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