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The Haunted House
by Kaitlyn

"Nina, come here!" Nina's mother called.

"I'm coming mom." She answered.

She walked down the stairs in to the kitchen where her mother was standing looking at her."Yes, mom?" She asked.

"I need to tell you something." Her mom answered."We are moving into the Conter house." Nina couldn't believe it!

"MOM!" She yelled. "We can't that house is supposed to be haunted!" Her mom looked at the ground." I know but that could just be a myth."

Nina looked at her mom as if she had horns on her head. "Buh-but we just can't!"

Her mother looked at her with pleading eyes. "Nina please understand it's a good house you'll see!"

The next day they moved in. "Nina will you bring those boxes in?" Called Nina's father.

"Coming!" She called back and she picked up the boxes and carried them in.

Later on that day they were eating dinner and after dinner they were in the living room when they all started feeling rather very tired so they all closed there eyes except for Nina. Nina saw a glowing form coming toward them. She tried to wake her parents up or scream but she couldn't and then she tried to run but her feet wouldn't move. The form got closer and closer. Then she was able to scream and she did but it was to late. The neighbor ran over to the house the door was unlocked so the neighbor walked in. She screamed when she walked into the living room. "This happens every time!" She screamed. Nina and her family were dead. Written on the wall: BEWARE THIS HOUSE STAY OUT OF MY HOUSE!

She screamed and ran out of the house!

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