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The Haunted Forest
by Nazish

This is a story about a boy who lived in a small village near a forest. His name was Ali. He had no family except a little kitten. He was almost 15 years old. He was very very poor. He hardly earned his living. He was a woodcutter.

Once he woke up early in the morning and got very tense to see that it was raining very heavily with a gust of wind. He got very upset. He was feeling so hungry, but he had no food to eat. He wanted to go to the forest to cut wood and then sell wood in the city. He was waiting for the wind to stop.

After several hours the wind stopped. He quickly went to the forest to cut wood. His kitten went with him. When they reached the forest, he was surprised to see that the whole forest was barren. When he saw that the whole forest was barren, he began to cry like a baby. He was saying to himself where had all the trees gone? Now what will I do? Now how will I learn my living. I'm so hungry.

Suddenly an old lady came to him and asked: “Why are you crying? Is there any problem?”

“Who are you?” asked the boy.

“I'm an old lady.”

“What are you doing over here? From where are you? Do you come from the city?”

“No, no my son. I live there?”


The old lady pointed to a very big tree.

“How can you live over there? What do you eat there? Do you have any family?” he asked.

“No I have no one. I live alone and do you really wanna hear what I eat?”

“Yes,” he said.

“I eat humans hehehehehehe.”

“What humans? Who are you?” He asked.

“Do you wanna know whom I am?”


“I'm a devil!”

“What?” the boy screamed.

“Yes and now I will eat you, hehehehehehe.”

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