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The Ghost that Haunted a House
by Francesca

It was a dark and mysterious night down in Middleton. One day a girl called Emily and a boy called Tom died over a 100 years ago. They died in the woods by a fire in an old terrifying house that was dangerous. It says in the paper that people are seeing peoples' shadows. When they look behind them, there is no one there.

One day a girl called Ellie and her friend Georgia were in the woods picking strawberries. They had a basket each. Ellie heard somebody behind her. She turned around and heard someone run through the leaves, when no one was there.

As the walked home they heard some thing scream ahhh ahhh!

“ Did you hear that?” whispered Ellie.

“Yes I heard it. What was it?” Georgia answered.

“Let's run back quick!” said Ellie.

When the girls came to the bottom of the road, they screamed. They saw the scariest house they had ever seen in their entire life.

“AHHHHHH run away.” Said Georgia.

“No, wait, I’ve left my strawberries at the step. Come with me to get them please. I don’t want to go back there on my own,” said Ellie.

The door swung open. Ellie and Georgia got dragged into the house by someone or something.

“Come on lets get out of hear lets go back to my house. We will come back tomorrow morning to see what is in there and that thing that dragged us into the wardrobe that had spiders in it.”

“Oh, I was so scared. Look at my cut on my leg that the spikes did to me.” “Tell your mum that you cut your leg!” said Georgia.

“Are you joking! She will make us tell her where we went instead of strawberry picking,” whispered Ellie.

They walk into Ellie’s house.

“Mum can Georgia stay over tonight?” said Ellie.

“OK I will phone your mum and tell her you can stay over,” Said Jane.

“Hi is that Chelsea,” said Jane.

“Yes it is. Who is this?” said Chelsea.

“Hi, it's Jane, Ellie’s mum. Is it alright for Georgia to stay over?” said Jane.

“Yes it's OK. Alright, bye.” Said Chelsea.

“Georgia what do you want for Christmas?” Said Ellie.

“I want a blackberry touch and a shih Tzu called Rosebud and loads of money about £940!” said Georgia.

It was a cold, snowy night and the girls were so cold, they were in the bed and they had sweets, nuts and popcorn. They where watching Arthur Christmas. They had it in 3D. They had 3D glasses. When the film had finished, it was 25 past 1 in the morning because the film started a 25 past 11.

“What time is it?” said Georgia.

“It's 1:30 in the morning,” Ellie yawned.

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