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The Dress
by Kaleigh

Once there was a very poor girl who lived in a poor neighborhood. She really wanted to go to the dance at her school, but she couldn't afford a dress. She was so disappointed.

But the next day, her mother made her tag along to a funeral for some cousin of hers that she didn't know. Once the service was over and all the adults were in a different room for the reception, the girl snuck into the room where the coffin was to take a peek at the body.

The dead girl had such a beautiful dress! It was the most beautiful dress the girl had ever seen. So, when she was sure no one was watching, she stole it.

The next day she went to the dance wearing the dress and had a great time. She danced with a lot of boys. But suddenly she began to feel strange. She felt stiff and cold. She excused herself to the girls bathroom, and tried to see if it was something wrong with the dress, but it was fine, so she went back out to the dance.

Soon she became too stiff to even dance. and before she knew it she was on the ground, and was not able to move at all.

A while later, she was pronounced dead and lowered into a coffin. As she was being lowered, she wanted to scream, "No! I'm alive!" She could see and hear everything that was going on.

But to everybody else, the girl was dead.

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