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The Book 1
by Sulet

Sam was walking along the streets with her friend, Nat, when she saw a small book store and it had put up a big sign "BOOK SALE! BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!" Sam was so much into books, as well as Nat. Nat bought a book called "The Cats & The Kids". Then, Sam saw a book. It was black in color and said "ALL ABOUT DOLLS". Sam was interested. She and Nat shared and paid their money for Nat's book and Sam's book for free.

They walked home happily, holding their books in their arm. Little did Sam know what future was waiting for her. Sam and Nat were neighbors so their houses were beside each others.

Sam went in and before she closed the door, she said bye bye to Nat. Then, Nat went in. Mom was preparing dinner and Dad was watching the evening news. She greeted her parents and ran up her room. She showered and changed and went down for dinner.

After dinner, Nat came over for a sleepover. It was a Friday night and summer vacation. They ran up to Sam's room, switched on the air conditioner and jumped on the bed. They switched on the TV but was not watching it. Nat had forgotten her new book so she and Sam were eager to read the book that Sam bought.

That's when the fright starts. To be continued... Tune in for the 2nd part!

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