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The Barkley Woods
by James

Jack Mayer, 11, and Gabriella McCain, also 11, were the best of friends. They would do everything together, go to water parks, watch movies at the theater down the street, and so on.

They both went to Lincoln Elementary, the number one school in the whole region. The next day, Darren Marcus in their class, dared them to go into the woods at night, where it was rumored that no one has ever came out of. He said to stay there for 30 minutes, and then come out. They both accepted the dare, and prepared for the challenge. They knew nothing about the woods, except for the fact that trekkers disappeared there 10 years ago, and no one knew why.

They decided to leave at night, saying to Jack's mom that they were going to Gabriella's house. They walked out of their town, and walked into the woods. They didn't really see anything wrong with it, so they expected nothing to happen.

As they walked further, they saw a light through the trees, and walked towards it. They got closer, and soon enough saw a run-down log cabin. They walked inside, and explored it. Suddenly, Gabriella heard screaming from another room. She rushed over, and no one was there. "Jack, where are you?" Gabriella yelled throughout the house. No response, but the only thing she heard was a "thump, thump, THUMP." The loudest thump she heard frightened her, but she stayed fairly calm. She turned around and nothing was there. Then, she heard the creak of a wooden floor, and started to panic. She turned back around, and saw a figure in the corner, moving towards her. She ran to the door, but it was gone. The figure was suddenly right in front of her, and about 9 feet tall. It was in a tuxedo, had spiky tentacles coming out of its back, extremely long arms, and no face. She screamed, then noticed the scream she heard earlier sounded exactly like hers. Then, her vision went black, and everything was quiet.

When you go into those woods, the Barkley Woods, you never come out. But if you dare go into the woods, if you see a log cabin, you will find a young boy and girl sitting in chairs on the porch, with no face. If their faces turn at you, there is no escape.

Jack died the same way as Gabriella did, but he couldn't scream because he was in so much shock from what he saw. Now, when Gabriella heard her scream, I don't know how that happened. But, don't take dares on going into the Barkley Woods, if you live near it.

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