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The Accident
by Kaitlyn

Blake Kingershall was a nice and happy man. He had a fiance named Lily. His sister Connie was a troublemaker. She loved to mess with her brother, but one day she went too far. She called him up and told him that his fiance had died in a terrible car accident. She was crying and he got so upset he hung himself and right when he jumped out the window he read a text from his sister saying. Just kidding! :). But he didn't reply and we all know why because he died.

She started getting worried about him. He always texted back. She could feel something wasn't right, so she drove to his house. Sure enough his dead body was hung out the window. She cried and told everyone what happened. How she had lied/joked with him about his fiance dying. Everyone was mad at her. But she tried to tell them that she didn't know that he would kill himself, but it was to late. It was a terrible accident she would soon regret.

They had a funeral for poor Blake. He was buried under his favorite tree. His fiance, Lily cried so hard and loud. Connie was crying and so hurt and felt so guilty she was the cause of his death. She was and everyone knew it too. Everyone was mad at her. But what she didn't know was Blake was planning his revenge.

Years later she fell in love and was going to get married. Her fiance, Jimmy was the sweetest man. He spoiled her and loved her to death.

One day on the day of her wedding she was all ready but the wedding hadn't started because Jimmy wasn't there. She was worried. Just then she got a text. It was from Blake! How could this be? It said. Your fiance has died in a horrible car accident I'm not kidding :). She turned on the news because they had a T.V. There and sure enough on the news was that her fiance died in a terrible car accident on his way to his wedding. They had a funeral and she fell down on the ground brokenhearted crying. Then she got another text from Blake saying. First of all I did it if you didn't know that. Second of all now you know how I felt. Bye sis see yeah later HAHAHAHA!

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