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Spookie Object in my Wardrobe
by Alex

One day I was looking for my school uniform in my drawer. Bang, Bang! I was busy getting ready for school. Bang, Bang, I heard. I thought it was my imagination, so I carried on packing my school bag. Bang... then I heard mum asking me, "Get your shoes on, please! We are going to school in a minute!" In a hurry I ran down to the front door. I forgot about the mysterious banging sound.

In school there was an interesting lesson, but I still had the banging sound stuck in my head. I thought about it all through the lesson. I love to be at school, but this day I wanted to be home and find out about the mysterious noise. At last I was home. In a sluggish way I walked to my bedroom. I was really scared and puzzled. I opened my wardrobe... there was a SKELETON!

"AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!" I screamed with terror.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. Terrified, I shut the wardrobe door in it's face. I locked the wardrobe door and threw the key through the window. The skeleton in my wardrobe still freaks me out. I was petrified that I wanted to tell mum. Something inside me kept saying, "No! Don't tell her!"... but I decided to tell mum about the skeleton.

Mum said "Lets go and open the wardrobe and find out. I bet you are making up stories dear."

Then I said "Mum... I don't have a key. I lost mine. Do you have a spare key to my wardrobe?" I asked mum.

"I do."

We went into my bedroom and opened my wardrobe. "It is a fake skeleton! It is not real." Mum said to me. But I knew it was real.

That night I was in bed. Then I heard that mysterious noise again. It was the skeleton. I put the light on and shouted "MUM!!!"

She came upstairs and said, "What is it dear? I hope it's..."

"Mum. It's the skeleton. It made that sound again," I said. "Mum, open the wardrobe door immediately!" I commanded.

My mum opened the door and the skeleton with a book and pen said, "I am sorry that I disturbed you. I can not tell you why I am here...."

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