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Something Unknown
by Liana

In a cold spring afternoon, I and my parents decided to take a short tour... we had one of our family friends with us. Mom made something delicious to eat and we took it with us.

About 4:50 we started out for an unknown place just for amusement and for fun... it took half an hour to reach the place... the place was not very far from our town.

In the late evening the place looked charming. The place was filled with different kinds of trees... every one was happy and were roaming to and fro. Me and my sister were with father and he took us towards a bridge and we saw a small village from there. Mom and uncle joined with us. Every thing seemed to be OK, but an eerie feeling worked in me. Darkness began to grow in the surroundings.

"Let's go back, Papa," I said.

My sister was ignorant and wanted to spend more time, but mom said that she was hungry. We went back to the car and mom began to unpack the food packets. Suddenly, uncle found that the tire was empty... no one was there... we were scared.

I saw something black lurking under a big tree, but I thought it was a mere mind trick.

When dad and uncle were changing the tire, my sister noticed something strange in the shallow woods...

"Mom, I think I saw something in that wood," she cried.

"What was it?" I turned to her... and to my great horror I saw something black and tall as 8 feet pass quickly... I was trembling in fear.

When we saw it next time, it glimpsed at us with it's two red eyes with a veil on the head. Mom was crying with fear... dad and uncle desperately trying to start the car, but it was not start... mom was about to faint... we two sisters were sitting closely speechless... I was praying to God.

Suddenly, in a few minutes, the car started and we were off from the haunted place.

Later we came to know that there was a funeral ground nearby... no one dared to go there!

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