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Shadow on Halloween
by Taylor

It was Halloween night. I had a blast trick or treating and got TONS of candy. I ate a few candies in my basket and went to bed. I usually don't go to bed this early, but I felt really sleepy for a reason. I told my parents good night and also my dog who has his own room. I turned on the TV in my room and watched monster trucks. Yeah... that's right, I am a tom boy.

I turned off the TV later and decided to sleep. But I couldn't... I was tired before, but now? No. I turned in my bed where I was facing the wall, and a shadow that looked like a human showed up. Okay, my heart was beating alright.

I quickly got out of my bed and headed down stairs. My mom was there with my dad and they were watching a movie in the living room.

"There is something in my room!" I yelled.

My mom got my attention and paused the movie. "A bug?" My dad asked. (I usually have him come to my room when I see a spider or something.)

"NO! I saw this shadow in my room! It's not my stuff animals, it was a shape of a human!" I yelled.

"You do the same thing your mom does when she watches that ghost show!" My dad says.

"Just go check it out!" I said.

He went upstairs while I had a chat with my mom. "Mom, can I puh-lease sleep on the couch tonight?" I asked. The living room is the closet room to my mom and dad's room.

"Sure," She said.

My dad came back down. "There's nothing up there," My dad says.

"She is sleeping on the couch tonight," My mom said.

"Okay," said my dad.

"Daddy, can you please get my pillow and blanket and some of my stuff animals?" I asked. And he did. So I slept in the couch and nothing creepy happened.

The next day, I went up to my room.... no shadow. So that was the story that happened years ago, and I am still beware of ghosts and other things, cause, believe it or not, our house is 110 years old!

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