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Scratch Scratch
by Danie

She had been told many tales about a head with two arms that came out on her road after 7pm. She had been warned about scratch scratch. She believed every word of it. Her brother had died the previous week because of scratch scratch. She was always careful.

One afternoon her friend invited her over. She texted her mum, and the reply came: 'Thatís fine, you can go to her house, just be home by 6:30 to avoid scratch scratch.' So she went to her friends house. When it was 5:00 her friend asked if they wanted to watch a movie. She looked at the movie and saw it was 2 hours long. She said: "I can watch an hour of it then I must go home." But when they watched it, she got so into it and forgot. The movie finished and it was 7:00. She panicked. She said: "I have to go home right now."

Her friends mum drove her back. She knocked on her door. Her mum was already asleep though. She knocked again. Then she heard a scratching sound. She knocked harder, louder, and even pressed the doorbell a few times although it didn't work. The scratching sound got closer... closer... closer. She knocked and knocked. She even tried to push the door down. But her mum slept. The scratching got even closer, it sounded right behind her. She turned around... there was a head and two arms with blood on the fingertips coming down her driveway. She screamed. She knocked and knocked. She felt something scratch her foot. Scratch scratch was next to her. A scream. A S-C-R-E-A-M. Silence.

The next day her mum wondered where she was, but she guessed she has slept over at her friends house. When she opened the door to put out the rubbish, she screamed. On her front door was an X out of blood. Spelled out in blood on the driveway was: 'You should have let your daughter in. Now you have lost both your children to ME! It's too late...and next will be YOU!'

A few days later the police found the house empty. Scratch scratch moved street... no-one has tracked him down yet so make sure your in a house by 7pm... because he could be anywhere! *Scratch scratch scratch* AAAAAAAH!

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