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Sailor suits and Black clothing
by Wiktoria

Iím Wiktoria. You say it like Victoria. I'm 9. I live in a friendly estate, it's friendly in the day but scary in the night.

My first time on seeing them was when I was coming home from my friends sleepover only like 10 doors away. I was walking in the pitch black night with only my pijamas on. 'I'm freezing' I muttered to myself. And then they appeared.

They just somehow appeared in front of my house. Three children I think. Good thing that the street lamps were on. I made out them quickly: 2 girls and 1 boy. They were scary to look at. The first girl looked like this: she looked like 6 or 7, had light blond plaits tied with red ribbon, wearing a white frilly dress with navy polka dots and a red ribbon tied around her waist. She had a sad expression on her face. Her eyes were a bit sunken. The other looked the same but brown hair and navy ribbons, her dress was the other way around. Red frilly dress white polka dots and navy ribbon around waist. The boy looked around 3 or 4. He was wearing a sailor suit.

The two girls were skipping laughing, not happy laughing - sad laughing. I stood there looking, then I felt a chill going down my back. I ran for my life, I could hear footsteps behind me, heavy footsteps. I ran TROUGH them and I screamed 'Mum open the door!' She ran down and opened the door. It was the first time I saw them but not the last.

At night I heard the same sad laughter, but that night I could never forget. It was Monday Easter Holidays. My friend came over to have a sleepover with me. My Mum was gone for five minutes I think. As she went out we sat on the stairs and looked at the door, that was our first mistake. Then my bro joined us. He is 7. Just as he sat down, we all saw a shadow of a girl skipping. There was a pause of silence, our faces reflected the horror of what was happening. I managed to whisper 'Lets look out the window' so we slowly and silently got up to the window, that was our second mistake.

As we looked out the window I saw the same three children, doing the same thing over again. I closed the blinds quickly, turned on the telly and we three sat down on the sofa. We giggled as we saw Spongebob.

Then we heard tapping on the living room window, a little girl's voice was crying out, "Help us, please save us from the man in the black clothing!"

I forgot to mention about him. I see him almost everywhere I go. A man dressed like a monk... only in black. He was always holding an ax with red liquid dripping from it. He always makes me scream and my friends think I'm crazy. I'm not. So anyway as we heard tapping, we heard a little boy starting to cry.

Then a different girls voice crying out, "He's got another one!" That made us jump up and fling the curtains open and that was the third mistake.

I gasped. There was the man with the axe. He was holding the little boy by the arm and with his other arm he raised his axe. I knew what was going to happen next...

"STOP!!!!" I yelled and ran out the door, my friend and brother gasped.

I heard the blond girl say "Help us! He is always killing our family. There were 48 of the people in my family who lived in a big house here where you live now only it was bigger! Then a man came and every Saturday night he killed one person. HE killed us ONCE now he's doing it this last TIME! ONLY YOU CAN STOP HIM!"

I froze in my tracks. "BEFORE he kills YOU as well as everyone else who live in this estate!" "HOW?!!" I cried out, "WHY?"


"But how can I stop him," I cried out. "BRING BACK HIS FAMILY AND WE WILL GET OURS BACK! THE CONSTRUCTION SITE, QUICK GO NOW!!!" she yelled.

I ran and found a bunch of people sitting in the middle with scars of axes on their faces.

I grabbed them and lead them to the man. He stopped, his face fell happy and he let go and hugged each and every one of them. Suddenly a form of people appeared beside the three kids. The blond haired girl smiled and the kids hugged every one of them.

"Thank you," she said, "You will get a reward so precious that you must wait for it. A special wish that will happen. It will when you least expect it," then everyone disappeared smiling.

I went back inside, my bro and friend were stunned from what they have seen. They hugged me. I said stop. I went inside the kitchen to get myself a snack. Then I heard the front door opening and my mum came in. She went upstairs loudly. As I poured myself some orange juice, I saw some red glowing eyes... But that's for another time.


Watch out ...There could be someone in your closet!!!!

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