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It's Rude To Point
by Francis

One day, a husband and wife decided that they would go on a date at the movies. They needed somebody to watch their 3 kids, Rosie (4 years), John (8 years) and Matthew (10 years). The babysitter, named Jenny, came to the house and the husband and wife left. The kids were playing with each other when the clock struck 10:00.

"Ok, kids, it's time to go to sleep," Jenny says.

"B-But..." Matthew stutters.

"Do you want to be tired and fall asleep at school?" She asks kindly.

"Fine," he gives in and they go to their bedrooms. Jenny sighs and sits on the couch and starts to read a book, though she keeps on getting distracted by a clown statue. It was starting to creep her out. She finally opens her cell phone to call the parents.

"Can I throw a sheet or something over your clown statue?" she asks them.

"Take the children and get out of the house. We don't own a clown statue." She looks up to find the clown smiling, holding up a knife. Jenny starts screaming, pointing at the clown.

"It's rude to point," the clown says creepily, and Jenny runs out of the house.

Matthew wakes up to the sound of screaming, then the door slamming.

"Robber?" Matthew thinks aloud, then wakes up John, who shares a room with him. They sneak to Rosie's room and wake her up. "There's a robber," Matthew whispers.

"I'm no robber," says the clown behind them. Matthew turns around to see the clown. He then thinks up a plan. He points and pretends to be scared stuttering, "C-Clown M-Murderer," over and over again. John gets what he's doing and sneaks behind the clown, heading for the boy's room.

"It's rude to point," says the clown, raising his knife. Then, suddenly, he falls to the ground, unconscious. Matthew sees John holding his baseball bat behind the unconscious clown.

Rosie points to the unconscious clown, stuttering "W-What, W-What...."

"Rosie, it's rude to point," says Matthew, grinning.

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