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Rosy Part 2
by Taylor

It was a clear, hot summer afternoon. 14-year-old Claudia Spikes was walking through the forest outside her parents' new cottage. She thought it was a lovely house, but, hearing all the terrible, murderous history, also thought a little creepy. She was coming near the lake when she stumbled over something. "Ouch!" Claudia yelped as she hit the ground. She got back up on her hands and knees and crawled over to what she saw. It was a headstone. Claudia wasn't focused on the date, but whom was lying under there.

"Rosy-" Claudia began. "I can't make out the last name! But didn't the real estate agent say something about a twelve year old girl named Rosy dying here?" Claudia asked herself. She turned around and was getting back up when she felt something behind her. When she turned she saw a girl looking sadly towards the grave. "Related?" Claudia asked. The girl was startled at Claudia's voice. "Well... I guess you could say that," The girl said. Claudia stared at her strangely. She looked at her watch, 2:35. "I promised Mom I'd be home by 2:00!" Claudia gasped, "Sorry, I've got to go! Sorry 'bout your loss!" Claudia cried as she ran off.

The girl smiled. "I finally have some plans." She said, and sunk into her grave. That night, around midnight, Rosy sneaked into what was once her cottage. First, she went to Mr. and Mrs. Spikes's bedroom. The door creaked open and Claudia's parents opened their eyes. "Claudia?" Mrs. Spikes asked. There was no answer, but the shadow remained standing in the darkness. It stepped, without making a sound, into the room. "Claudia, stop playing these jokes! We didn't believe the real estate agent and that's that!" The parents bellowed angrily. "Ah, but you should have." Rosy said. "Huh.... AAAHHHHHH!" Claudia's parents screamed.

Claudia sat up in bed. "M-M-Mom? D-D-D-D-Dad?" Claudia stammered. "Claudia, Claudia, Claudia," A voice said in the darkness. "Mom?" Claudia asked. "Guess again!" The voice laughed ominously. "Rosy?" Claudia choked. "DING DING DING WE HAVE A WINNER," Rosy snickered.

"What do you want?" Claudia asked. "Murder. It is my birthday, you know, and I do get a birthday wish. And my birthday wish is murder." Rosy grinned in the shadows. "B-B-But why-AHHHHHH!" Claudia screamed. Rosy disappeared slowly, laughing ominously.

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