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by Reem

You see, I always get this feeling that someone...or someTHING is watching me. I guess it's just me being paranoid, but my heart never fails to skip a beat when Im alone.

One day, about a month after I turned 13 and my parents actually my adoptive parents - finally agreed to letting me stay home alone, I was sitting on the couch in the cozy living room eating an ice cream sandwich. So I guess you're probably wondering, okay so where's the scary stuff. Well, here's the thing, after watching about five (eight?) episodes of really, really lame shows, I finally realized that I wasn't missing on anything when I wasnt allowed to stay home alone. I went upstairs to read a book, when all of a sudden I heard a squeak! My heart flipped and nearly jumped out of my chest. There was a pressure in my ears that I always got when this happens. I slowly turned around and saw... nothing. Nothing At All. Told you I was paranoid.

So I went up the stairs again after checking the time on the oven clock; 9:23. Hmm, not as late as i thought. When I reached the top of the stairs, I heard a strange moaning sound. Ohhhh. Ohhhh. I froze. It was coming from the bathroom. I tried to get my brain working again by trying to decide whether to run and hide, or see what the sound was. I guess my curiosity took over. I ran to my parents room, and grabbed my father's pocket knife, and slowly jogged back to the bathroom door. There was nothing but silence. It was quiet... too quiet. I thought I left the TV on. My heart pace quickened, and my hands started to sweat. I heard the moaning again and for a second I lost my courage and wanted to run under the covers in my room and hide.

While I was pondering about this thought, a shadow fell upon me. I turned around and again there was nothing. The phone started ringing and the moaning stopped. My hand fell from the door's handle. I reached for the cordless on the table in the hallway next to the bathroom. UNKNOWN CALLER. My parents told me to answer no one but them but I was really scared and desperate to talk to someone.


"Is this Anna speaking?"

"Umm, wh-who is this?"

"Go to your room and turn on the light, Anna."

There was a strange echo on the phone. The kind you get when someone's calling from the house to another phone inside the home. As this thought finally registered in my mind, I felt faint.

I told the caller, "Why do you want me to go to my room."

Do it, Anna," the voice obviously belonged to a man, and I had a feeling there would be worse consequences if I didn't listen to the order, at least that's what it felt like it was.


CLICK. The phone shut. I ended the call, and headed to my room. I opened the door and turned on the light. "Ahhhh! What are you doing here?!!!"

Two figured stood in the doorway. Two figures who appeared to look exactly as my parents.

Turns out they came home early and wanted to give me a little scare. The squeak I heard was them coming from the garage and they turned off the TV. They also used the alternate staircase to head to my room and make a prank call. They used the *67 trick.

"What i don't get though," I started as soon as we were all done laughing, "is how you guys went to the bathroom and started making all those moaning sounds, it sounded like you were really hurt or sad or something. And the shadow you made pass over me, that was an awesome special effect. Ha! I never would have thought you'd have i-" I stopped as soon as I saw the looks of fear and confusion plain as day on their faces.

"What's wrong," I asked nervously.

"We--you see, we were in your room the whole time we got here," explained my father.

"But that doesn't expla-" i stopped suddenly,"oh i get it, this is part of your prank, huh, thought you could get me again? Well too bad, cause it ain't gonna work!"

My mom stepped forward,"honest, Anna, dear we don't kno-kn-," she coughed and started again, her throat raspy," don't know what-" She suddenly fell to the floor as a dark shadow passed over. It looked at my father and he fell to the floor, too. I dropped down, but because of fear. I tried to feel their pulse, but I couldn't find any. They were dead and I was alone. I looked at that hideous shadow with the sagging face and dark holes for eyes, and it suddenly spoke," you are not alone, Anna, for you are one of us."

Remember how I told you I thought I was only being paranoid? Well, it turns out that these shadows are from the underworld. And my real parents, well my father anyway, is the King of Demons, and my mother, well she's just a human who happened to marry a demon. Me? I'm just half and half. And these full demons were watching over me. Beware, you might be half demon, too...

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