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A Night in the Woods
by Michayla

All year Allison and her friends have been yearning for their annual camp out. When they got there, they started to make the tent and build a fire when Kasey the oldest of the three, decided to gather wood for their fire. Her and Rachel started heading into the woods to collect their supplies while Allison continued setting up the tent.

“They've been gone a while.” Allison thought to herself. She waited by the unlit fire wishing for some warmth.

After what seemed to be close to an hour of waiting, she decided to go looking for her friends. She had just headed into the thickest part of the forest when she heard a noise. She started running and the noise continued to grow louder. It was now a menacing laugh. She was terrified; she thought for sure her friends were dead.

She stopped dead and her tracks when she saw the track of blood stretching about three feet across a pile of fallen leaves. Her heavy breathing was the only the thing audible at this point. She stood staring at the blood wondering what to do next.

She suddenly felt a cold hand on her shoulder and she let out a shrill cry. She turned around faster than a speeding bullet only to see Kasey and Rachel laughing like hyenas. They had tricked her.

She let out a long breath, before hitting Rachel on the arm. “Not funny guys,” Allison cried. “You had me scared to death!”

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