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Never Play With A Quija Board
by Nova

Hannah Minroe, was in the 5th grade. Halloween was coming up, and she was begging her mom to let her throw this Halloween party. Her mom kept telling her no, because her mom hated scary things, she doesn't even let her children go trick-or-treating. The last time Hannah asked her mom told her "NO! THATS FINAL!"

Hannah had a ton of anger in her so she stormed down the stairs into her basement. Hannah, didn't want to stay downstairs. But she wasn't going to go upstairs to her mom. So Hannah, started looking through all the stuff. She found something that she hadn't seen before. The box was labeled Ouija Board. She had no idea what it was. So she read the back. She summed up what it said and basically it was something to use to talk to people in the underworld. So Hannah snuck it out of the basement and ran to her room.

She called her friend April, and told her what she found. April asked her to bring it over so they could play with it. So Hannah asked her mom if she could stay the night at Aprils, since it was a weekend. Her mom thought it was okay, so Hannah walked to April's house.

April let Hannah in as soon as she got there. They ran up stairs, and opened the box. April knew how to play.

They each asked a question. April asked it "When will I die? At what age?" The board moved to 11. April was 11. Then Hannah asked "Will I die right now?" The board responded yes. All the sudden Hannah's heart stopped.

And April died days later... That teaches all you kids out their...Never play with a Ouija Board!

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