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My Neighbor's A Vampire! Part 1
by Taylor

It was a quiet, rainy Saturday morning. I woke to the sound of thunder, rumbling somewhere in the distance. I sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. I heard the local news station downstairs in the kitchen, so I decided that my family must already be awake.

When I got downstairs, sure enough, the whole clan was there. Mom was making breakfast for everyone, Dad was drinking his coffee and reading the paper, the twins, Marley and Charlie were crying, Nana was watching the news and sipping her tea, and, my little brother Thomas giggled happily at his toast.

All was normal.

"Good morning, Lindsay! Say, dear, could you feed Maxie?" Mom asked. Did I forget to mention the family dog? He's a little Yorkshire Terrier with big, round, brown eyes and a happy-go-lucky personality... well, a dog's personality anyways.

"Here, Maxie! Here boy!" I called and whistled. Finally, he came panting and slobbering into the kitchen. "Here you go, boy." I said, and poured Puppy Chow into his bowl.

"Why I never!" Nana squealed from the living room. "What is it, Nana?" I called, and ran to the living room. "Someone's moving in across the street. To the Laurence place!" Nana explained. I stared wide-eyed at the TV.

"No one's been in that place for years!" Mom exclaimed. I turned and saw her standing behind me, just as shocked. Thomas stopped his giggling and Marley and Charlie stopped crying. Dad lowered his mug from his lips.

"That's peculiar." He muttered. "What? It's normal for people to move!" I said. "No, no dear. Look at their clothes. So...old fashioned." He admired. I looked closely. They were wearing old fashioned clothing. Except theirs was Gothic almost. They wore all grey and black, and if that wasn't enough, they had very deep, bruise-like circles under their eyes. The girls had long, long dark black hair that tumbled well below their shoulders. The man wore old fashioned clothing also. His hair looked like a normal man's.

They stared into the camera with grim expressions and made only slight answers to Beth McWire, the news lady. She smiled with her bright white teeth, and bright dress. She looked like a parrot compared to the family in dark Mid-Evil clothing. Even a parrot with too bright of feathers. Nana laughed at the difference, but we remained quiet. We were shocked. I was numb. I wasn't exhilarated. You were crazy to move into the Laurence Manor. Everyone knew that in my neighborhood.

That Manor was rumored to be haunted my the murderous, angry spirits of the couple that died there. The legend goes that once, long, long ago, there was this couple. They were vampires. And the villagers were after them one night. The young woman vampire was being chased by the villagers because she was caught eating her "midnight snack" And the villagers followed them back to the mansion and killed both of them. And ever since then, when someone moved into the mansion, they would be found dead, with a wooden stake in their chest. Superstitious people called it the legend, I call it coincidence, and police call it a serial killer on the loose.

I ran to the door and peeked out the window to see if it was true. It was. I saw the family bound gracefully into their new home. The parent's daughter went in last. But before she went in, I saw her eyes flash a vicious purple. Then, she quickly went into her house and slammed the front door.

I was breathless. This was insane! A family dared to move in! Well, they were going to get the scare of their lives. In fact, the end of their lives. I shivered as I remembered how that girl's eyes flashed so murderously. The rest of the day went by so quickly it didn't even seem to happen. Sunday morning passed by quickly, also. But that afternoon, I was to go and greet the neighbors.

I wasn't up to do it, but I had to. What kind of neighbor would I be if I didn't welcome the new neighbors? Well I didn't know so I did it anyway. I was going to bring them some pots and pans and a vase.

I swallowed and I walked up to the door. I knocked three times and waited. And finally, the girl whose eyes flashed opened the door. "Vat you vant?" She asked in a Transylvania accent. "I would like to welcome you to the neighborhood!" I said. I showed her the pots and pans and vase and she nodded skeptically. "Come in." She said. She grabbed my arm and pulled me into the front door. "Mom! Dad! Neighbor girl drop off things. 'Pots and Pans' she call them!" She yelled up the grand staircase. "Ve're coming daughter!" The mother yelled.

In almost no time at all, the mother and father were downstairs. The whole family was insanely gorgeous. "I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood. Here's some pots and pans and a vase. H-have a nice day." I babbled like an idiot. They grinned at my odd behavior. "No, no! Stay awhile." They said slyly. "Well, I suppose I have time on my hands." I said. I smiled. "Come. Let us show you our humble home!" The father said. He put his hand on my back and led me throughout the house. There were so many paintings of a young woman and man. They were just as beautiful and looked very similar to the family that has just moved in.

'Could it be...the vampires?' My mind asked itself. 'No. It couldn't be. Vampires aren't real!' The other half of my mind argued. "Your house! It's so beautiful." I gasped. The father grinned. "Thank you," He said.

Time passed by too quickly and I found myself once again at the front door. "You are welcome any time," The mother said in a soft voice. "Thank you so very much! Have a nice day," I said happily. I skipped outside. But suddenly, a few words caught my attention as I walked out the door.

"Her blood....so beautiful...just a little?" I heard the daughter say. "I know...must try her...blood." I heard the father say. "So hungry...attack...midnight...one of us..." I heard the mother say.

I gasped. Were they talking about me? A chill ran up and down my spine. I sprinted home. "How did it go?" Mom asked. "Just perfect! Gotta go bye!" I yelled and ran upstairs to my room. Were they going to attack me? If so, were they going to take my blood?


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