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My Ghost Story
by Unknown

I went to my grandparents house to stay over the weekend. My parents were going on vacation for 1 week! This house is REALLY old! I'm frightened! Well here it goes...

I packed my bags and ate my breakfast. I headed outside and in the car. I was TOTALLY ready for this challenge.

It took like 24 minutes or so. When I got there, I hugged my grandparents and unpacked my bags.

“Still ready,” I said.

I went down stairs and I plopped myself on the couch.

“Can I watch some TV?” I asked.

“Sure honey!” said my grandad.

I took the TV remote and turned on the TV. I flipped through the channels and I found something... a movie going on... a scary one. I was SO interested! I put the volume a little low and watched.

Well, it's hard to explain...I glanced at the clock and saw the time: 9:43. So I ran upstairs and went in a room my grandparents gave me.

“GOODNIGHT!” I yelled to my grandparents.

They replied the same word. Before I turned off my light, I saw a ladder... leading to a place. Of course I was gonna experience it! So I grabbed my flashlight, turned off the lights, replaced me with a bunch of pillows... and climbed up with my flashlight on. It was already 10:16.

While I was starting to experience it... I found 2 SHADOWS! Someone was up there... I crept and glanced there... I saw nothing... I was confused... then it stopped moving... the shadow stopped moving... I walked back fast and when I got down... I shut the door shut and locked it. I screamed... my grandparents ran to me...

“What happened?” asked my grandma.

“Nothing, I have a nightmare,” I replied.

“Okay” said my grandma.

My grandparents went back to bed.

I went back to bed.

I thought ghosts... in the attic.

I heard noises... from the closet.

I heard clattering... something coming down the ladder. I covered my head with my sheets and pretended to sleep. I heard the closet opening... then my sheet getting pulled... I still closed my eyes... good thing my grandparents had a cat and it was in my room. I picked it up secretly and made it stay on my chest... I opened my eyes... and It was gone... Nothing... I checked for sure... they're gone... maybe forever.

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