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The Big Mean Magical Dog
by Bruce

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Shaylee. She wished everyday all day long for a puppy, and she would beg and beg her Mommy to take her to the pet store so she could look at them.

One day, Shaylee and her Mommy were driving in an old part of town they never went to and saw a pet store they had never seen before. Shaylee and her Mommy saw it at the same time and before Shaylee could even start begging to stop there, her Mommy pulled in to the parking lot so they could go in to see the puppies.

Shaylee was very excited when she got inside and ran right to the puppy cages. An old fat hag of a woman came up to them and introduced herself as the pet store owner. She said to Shaylee's Mommy, I see the little girl loves puppies. I bet she wishes she were a puppy too.

Shaylee and her Mommy did not like the old fat woman but were polite and simply smiled. The old lady frowned and shuffled to the back of the store and started grumbling to herself. What Shaylee and her Mommy did not know was that the old hag store owner was a witch, and she had been waiting for a pretty little girl to come into her store for quite some time so she could practice some of her mean witch pet magic on her. What Shaylee and her Mommy also did not know was that the old fat hag was saying a spell that would turn Shaylee into a tiny midget dog at the stroke of midnight that very night - and, that the old fat hag witch was going to turn herself into a big mean dog and come torment the little girl at her house once she was turned into a tiny little dog. In fact, she planned on capturing the Shaylee puppy and bringing her back to her store to sell her to make money.

What the big fat old hag witch did not know was that Shaylee was a very, very smart little girl and would also be a very, very smart tiny little dog once she was turned into one later that night.

At the stroke of midnight, Shaylee was sound asleep in her bed and her Mommy was sound asleep in the other room. Suddenly, Shaylee felt a tingling all over her skin and she began to itch. She went to scratch her arm, but she had no fingers to scratch with. She had a paw instead! At first she thought she was dreaming. But as she opened her eyes she saw that she was covered in fur and even had a tail that was sticking straight up in the air. She tried to call out for her Mommy, but all she could do was bark a tiny squeaky little bark. She jumped from her bed and ran into her Mommy's bedroom.

Her Mommy woke to the sound of tiny dog feet running across her bedroom floor. When she looked down she couldn't believe her eyes. There, right in front of her was the cutest, tiniest dog she had ever seen. Maybe even the tiniest dog in the whole world. She had no idea that she was looking at her daughter Shaylee, who was now a very tiny and very frightened little dog.

Oh my, Mommy said. That little tiny puppy must have snuck into the house when we came home earlier. I better put her outside so she can find her way home. As Mommy set the puppy on the back porch and told her to run home she noticed something very strange. The little puppy stared at her with eyes that looked just like Shaylee's, and what's more, the puppy was wearing Shaylee's slippers on her back paws.

Mommy quickly rushed back into the house to Shaylee's bedroom. She had a very funny feeling about this whole thing but wasn't quite sure what was wrong. When she got to Shaylee's bedroom she noticed immediately that Shaylee was not in her bed and her sheets were covered with puppy fur. Mommy was startled by the sound of a large dog growling coming from the back yard. As she hurried back outside she saw that the tiny puppy was scared and trying to hide in a corner of the yard as a large fat nasty dog tried to bite her. Before Mommy could do anything, the tiny puppy rushed out into the yard, ran underneath the big fat dog and grabbed the big dog by the tail. The puppy bit down as hard as she could and the big dog howled like a big fat piggy and started to whine like a baby. The little puppy then dashed into the house and returned like a flash with Mommy's phone. In fact, the puppy had already dialed a number and when Mommy put the phone to her ear she could hear a man answer. He was the dog catcher!

Mommy told the man about the big mean dog in the backyard and in a flash the dogcatcher was there and had the big fat dog in a dog catching net. He told Mommy not to worry because he would lock the big fat dog up and it would never get out to chase tiny little puppies ever again.

What Mommy and Shaylee who was now a puppy did not know was that if the witch did not get back to her pet store before morning she could not use her magic and would forever stay a big fat dog locked up at the dogcatcher's house.

Mommy now knew that somehow the little puppy was really Shaylee. How else could she explain that Shaylee seemed to be missing and that the puppy was wearing Shaylee's slippers? Mommy tucked Shaylee puppy into bed with her and told her that in the morning they would go back to the pet store and make everything OK.

In the morning, when they woke up, there was Shaylee lying next to Mommy. The bad fat pet store witches spell had worn off. Mommy got Shaylee up and they rushed to the pet store to ask the bad fat mean pet store lady what she had done to Shaylee. But when they got there, the lady was not there and the front door to her store was not locked. Cautiously, they went inside and looked around.

They were shocked to be greeted by many little children all locked up in the puppy cages. The children were upset and all tried to talk at once. Finally, one of them told Mommy and Shaylee that the mean pet store witch had turned them all into puppies so she could sell them and make money. But she had to cast a spell on them each day to keep them turned into puppies. Since she did not come back, they were turned back into little children again.

Mommy quickly called all of their parents who were delighted to find them safe but very smelly from being in dog cages with puppy poop everywhere.

The big mean pet store witch never returned to the pet store. Since she could not come back to the store, she couldn't drink the magic potion which would turn her back into a human again. Instead, she stayed in a cage at the dog catchers where she would spend the rest of her days as a big mean fat and very unhappy dog.

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