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When The Lights Went Dark
by Paxton

Tonight. Tonight I was alone. At home. When my parents went to their special dinner, I was left here. In this creepy 19th century house full of spider webs and dust. Snakes of all sorts.

My name is Paxton. I'm 14. In 9th grade. Youngest in the whole 9th grade. It sucks. Anyway. The house.

I got really hungry. They didnít think to feed me before they left. I made a frozen pizza. Not very good. But, it will have to do, I guess.

When I was about to put the plate in the trash, I heard a strange noise coming from upstairs. Me, the miss detective, went to go investigate. I slowly walked up the stairs,and into the hall way. I stood there. Feeling a lot colder than I was. I went to my bedroom door, and looked towards the bathroom door. The light was on.

"I thought I turned that off," I thought to myself. I walked over and slowly opened the door. The smell was overwhelming. The bathtub. Filled with red liquid, which I believed 100% that was blood.

I covered my mouth and ran downstairs and quickly grabbed the phone. I called my father. It rang twice.

"Yes?" He said.

"Dad, you guys need to come home now! It's an emergency!"

Before he could answer, I hung up. I just stood there. In the corner of the dining room. I get paranoid easily.

An hour later, my parents burst through the door. "What is it!" My mother yelled grabbing my face, examining every inch of me.

"Follow me."

I leaded them upstairs,to the bathroom. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was gone: the light, the blood. Everything. She turned around only to find a dark figure. Staring at her. She felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. I looked down... and she was gone.

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