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The King of the Werewolves
by Raven

It was the first day of the Christmas holidays, and Amiola Wright, her two friends Fred and George, and their family, the Hexes, were going camping. The three thirteen-year-olds told jokes and laughed on the way to the camp site. Once there, they quickly unpacked the tents and sleeping bags just as night fell. Amy zipped the zip on the outside and put her head on her pillow as a loud howl sounded through the area. Amy sat up quickly and unzipped the sleeping bag. She exited the tent quietly and stamped on a rock outside Fred and George's, to awake them. Fred yawned opened the front of the tent.

"What's up?" He asked, rolling up the sleeping bag. George rolled up his own.

"Did you guys hear that howl?" Amy whispered, looking behind her. George fell over and Fred kicked him.

"Be quiet!" Fred hissed. "Yes, we did." He added to Amy, staring at George. George pushed the sleeping bag away. and sat down. Fred rolled his eyes and exited the tent.

"Come on then. Let's see what's going- ARGH!" Fred yelled, turning around. A large werewolf was towering over them.

"Dinner's SERVED!" The werewolf snarled. Amy kicked him in the stomach.

"I AM THE KING OF THE WEREWOLVES!" The werewolf growled. Amy screamed.

"THE END HAS COME." The werewolf snarled.

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