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Curiosity Killed the Cat
by Jessie

My name is Alyssa. I was walking home from school. It was October, my favorite month. The best thing about October was that you could scare people and not get in trouble.

This Halloween I was gonna do the most daring thing. Everyone always dared people to go in the haunted house every Halloween ever since a guy hung himself in the attic on Halloween. They said they would give me all of their candy if I did it.

Halloween was tomorrow and I couldn't wait. I wasn't scared of anything. I was supposed to spend at least an hour in that house. This was going to be the best Halloween ever. More candy means more smiles.

I went to sleep and awoke in the morning with a thrill of excitement in my stomach. Also known as puke. I waited all day until I could get in my costume and go in that house.

I walked up to the door with my black cat costume and slowly opened the door. It made a long loud squeak. Then they slammed the door behind me.

I heard footsteps coming from upstairs. First I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me but then I saw a shadow too. It kept getting closer and closer. Until I saw faint ghostly figures.

It climbed down all of the stairs and kept getting closer to me. Each step making its own unordinary squeak. Until it reached out and rubbed my cheek and then poked my eyes. I couldn't see anything and my eyes were burning.

Then I felt pains in my stomach and legs and then... THE END

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