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How I Got Chuckles
by Taylor

Hi, my name is Luna. And this is my golden lab Chuckles. We love to have fun. Chuckles likes to get me wet with the hose! How did I get Chuckles, you ask? It all started a year ago. I was eleven. I was an only child and we lived way out in the country. I got bored, and my mom always told me whenever I was bored, go outside and explore something. Well... there was nothing to do inside, so I followed her advice.

"Don't go too far!" She said.

I was never allowed to go by the crops alone... so I went left. It looked like a forest there! I mean, lots of trees and all that. So, I decided to take a peek. It wasn't like it was haunted or anything. So, I walked toward it and something caught my eye! A black Lab!

"Here Boy," I yelled. The Lab came running from where is was at. I reach down to touch his black fur... but I couldn't! The dog was air. And now I thought, the dog was a ghost. My heart was pumping really hard, but the dog looked up at me with puppy dog eyes. What did he want? Why didn't he go to heaven?

The dog ears perked up when he heard my mom's voice, "Luna, time for dinner!"

I looked back at the Lab and said, "I will come back tomorrow at this time." I ran toward the crops, and it took me forever but my mom didn't see me, so THAT was good. I rather have her see me by the crops then with a dog. Flea bags she calls them. I got to the crops and made myself look like a gangster. My mom saw me and walked over.

"Why are you by the crops, young lady?" She asked.

"Ummm, just checking them Mom. The pumpkin still needs some growing... and the carrots... the tomatoes, they look red and ripe!" I know what I said was dumb but that was all I could think of. It's not like the whole earth pauses but you and you have a free second.

"Well, I was going tomato picking after dinner, very well. Come inside and eat some dinner," She said.

I walked into our house to the scent of... uhh... wait, now I know it, STEAK! When we were eating I tried to get in the question mood. "

Hey, did there use to be a black Lab around here or something..." I asked.

"Why..." My dad said. Both my parents were looking at me strangly.

"Well, can you blame a girl for wanting to know the history of where she now lives?" I said.

My mom raise her eyebrows. "Well, there was a farmer who lived in this house with a black lab. Every day the farmer would go ten miles to town and get milk, eggs, dog food... and the royal Lab waited for him by where all those trees are at. Later, the Lab passed away from a car hitting him. The farmer was sad he didn't have his companion with him anymore. He decided to move and forget this whole ever happened," My dad said. My mom was now interested and raised her head and said, "Wow."

"Thanks Dad, that was just the information I needed! Your the best!" I said kissing him on the cheek. I ran to my room! I can't wait till tomorrow!

I woke up, it was cloudy and cold. I waited till the time I went there yesterday, and started walking over. I was surprised to see the Lab. I noticed his collar. It said his name was Cola. "Cola," I said. The dog tilt his head. It really looked like he was listening. "Cola, your owner is not here. I don't know where he is. But he isn't here." I said. Cola shook his head fixing his ears so they were in the right direction. He looked at the house. "No Cola, he is not there," I said. Seemed like he knew what the word "No" meant. "Go to heaven, go see God. Trust me, later you will see your owner. He was a nice man, I been told." I said. Cola started pacing back and force. Something was wrong. "Co," I started but then I heard the sound of my mother's voice.

"Luna, time for dinner!"

I ran right to my house this time. I ate some dinner and went to bed. At one thirty, I heard howling. I immediately thought of Cola. I tip toed out of my room, past my parents, opened the door quietly, and set out the direction of the trees. It was Cola! Howling nonstop.

"Cola, quiet down, my parents will wake up!" I yelled. Cola wagged his tail, thump thump when it hit the ground. "I am sorry Cola, but I don't really want them to take you to the pound, cause I know my mom will. She can't even stand a pet magazine!" I said. Woof! Cola jogged a little way and looked back at me. I came to him. He went farther.. was he trying to get me to follow him? I followed him to a deep hole. I braced myself, looked into the whole and saw... a golden lab, looking weak and hungry. "Oh my gosh!" I said. The site of seeing this dog in like this was painful. Cola started panting. Wait! I got it now! COLA CAME BACK AS A GHOST TO MADE SURE SOMEONE COULD SAVE THIS DOG BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE! "Cola, you're a good dog. And you deserve to go to heaven. You saved this dog and you are a true champion! I will see you when I get there... trust me, no matter what my mom says, I will take this dog in my own hands. I love you Cola..." I said. Those were my last words... I hugged him and he disappeared.

He was free now. The golden lab looked up at me, he was only a puppy and he was in this much pain. I lifted him up and carried him home. I fed him some leftover steak until he looked a little better and licked my face. He looked like a normal puppy now... strange. I took him in my room and slept with him. In the morning, my mom and dad were in the kitchen. I brought the golden lab with me. The mom said dog or TV? I choose the dog.

In a month, my mom finally got used to having a ball of fur around. She said we can train him to heard cattle. We named the dog... Chuckles. Now and then, me and Chuckles will go to the very spot where Cola and I met and sit there and think what a good thing that dog did. He is probably the rescue squad in the sky. Every time I miss him, I hug Chuckles and I feel better. So that was the story how I got my dog Chuckles.

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