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The House Of Darkness Part 1
by Kaitlyn

Once upon a time there was a girl named Melissa. She was 20 years old and on her own. She was looking for a place, in her price range of course. One day she was online when she came across an old, super cheap house. "Hm looks good!" She said. So she called her agent and talked to her about it and soon she was driving to the house in her car. The agent and her looked around the house, it had a few creeks and bumps and blood stains. (Or at least thatís what it looked like.) But she didn't care it was cheap and just needed a little fixer upper.

"So do you want it?" Her agent asked cautiously.

"Sure! Wheres the lease?" She asked excitedly.

After about a month she was about all moved in. Only a few more boxes to unload. And in the meantime she had her studying at the college to do. Late one night while she was doing college work she heard a loud, "CRASH!" She ran upstairs toward the noise. And a box was spilled all over the floor with things. "Hm these aren't my things!" She remarked as she looked at old photographs and the other things that fell out. There was an old diary. She felt bad at first about looking at it but opened it anyway. It read:

October 11, 1843

Dear Diary,

My father slapped me. And kicked me. I dare say it was quite unnecessary! For all I did was spill a few buckets of well water! I feel my life crumpling like the leaves on the ground. Mama yelled at him and he slapped her too! He gets drunk too much! I have to get away from this horrid place, and go to live with my Aunt Sue. Nothin' every bad happens at Aunt Sue's. Oh great father's yelling at me to come here! Wish me good luck!

Emily Hilton

"Woe!" She exclaimed. She read pages and pages about this Emily girl's life. She was abused by her father, loved by her mother, tormented by her sister, and treated unfairly by her brother. She read pages and pages and even though it was years ago she couldn't help feel sad for the girl. On the very last page it was covered in blood and one word was written on it: HELP!

To be continued....

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