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The House in Montana Part 1
by Kaitlyn

The house was in Montana by a prairie. We moved there. I'm Lizzy and this is the story...

I opened the car door. Fresh air zoomed into my lungs, it felt like, home. I knew I was home. There was a tree to the left of the house very tall, it had a tree house and a tire swing. A rope ladder hung down to get to the tree house. I knew I would use that a lot. I loved hiding places and places to be alone. The house was about 400 years old and it was 2013. My sister and I were fighting over a room when it was time to pick. So I finally gave in and said she could have it. She seemed pleased and I just searched the other rooms. Then I had found it the perfect room!

It was big it was beautiful it was just perfect. And it was mine! When the moving vans arrived, I took my stuff with help from the moving guys and decorated my room. It looked amazing. I was glad it was summer in 2 months I would start school at Miller Middle School. I took out my phone, no texts. I guess I thought some of my friends would text me, but they didn't. Nobody texted me or called me all week not even my boyfriend back home. And yes I had a boyfriend his name was Jason.

But then one day I got a call from Melony my best friend. "Annie I I I have to tell you something." Melony said.

"What?" I replied. "Well Jason is cheating on you," She said.

I screamed. "WITH WHO?" I yelled into the phone.

She said one word, one horrible word. "Me." She said and hung up. I knew this was no joke because she even sent picks of her and him kissing each-other. I was furious HOW DARE SHE? HOW DARE HE? It was so over. I just cried into my pillow for hours. My mom had come in and talked to me earlier but I, after talking to her for a while, said I wanted to be alone so she left. I felt like my heart had been ripped into tiny pieces. Somehow, somehow I would get revenge....


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