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The House
by Kaitlyn

Chapter 1

One day a man moved into a house. He heard things about the house like that a old women was killed and died a terrible death only the victims knew who did it. But he didn't believe the things one bit.

"They are just trying to scare me," He said and quickly moved in. It was a lovely house. Big rooms with nice furniture. And the old maid who was very friendly. Her name was Ms. Jones. One day he decided to make dinner himself. He was making the dinner and he went to grab one of his knifes to chop the lettuce. It wasn't there.

"How odd I put it right there."

He looked all over the kitchen but he couldn't find the knife. So he went back to the kitchen and used a different one but it didn't cut the lettuce like his other knife, but it would have to do for now anyway. Ms.Jones came home with the groceries and found him making dinner.

"What a nice surprise Mr.Worthington." She said as she unloaded the groceries.

"Oh well I thought I might as well. And he smiled. "Perhaps do you know where my other knife is?" He asked.

"Why no Master Worthington," She answered. And he went back to making dinner and she went back to unloading groceries.

Chapter 2

Mr.Worthington finished dinner and they sat down to eat.

"Ow!" Mr.Worthington cried and stood up there taped on the back of the chair was the knife and a note that read: Watch your back!

Frightened he took the knife and Ms. Jones rushed to get a cloth and a big band-aid. He thought about the note. Who had written it and what it meant. Ms. Jones came back with a big band-aid and a cloth. She was careful dabbing the spot where the knife had cut.

"Thank you Ms. Jones," He said. She smiled and took there plates into the kitchen for washing.

Chapter 3

Later that night he went to lie down on the couch and found another note it said: Don't Trust Anyone!

He stared at it." Ms. Jones!" He called.

"Yes Master Worthington?" She asked.

"Can I have some tea?" He asked gently.

"Why of course!"She answered with a big smile. She came later with a cup of tea and biscuits.

When she was giving him his tea he asked, "Did you write these notes?" And he showed her both the notes. "Of course not Master," She exclaimed.

"Okay well thank you," He answered. The next day he visited the library in the house. It had a computer. He looked up the history of the house. So many deaths and no one knew who did. Then all of a sudden a man came out of the shadows. There was a cry from the library. Ms. Jones came running. And there on Mr. Worthingston's dead body was a note that read: Should have watched your back!

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