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Gone Insane Part 1
by Kaitlyn

Petunia Rose lived with her family containing a mom, a dad, and her brother, Jeffrey Rose. One day their parent's left for a vacation for the 2 of them.

"Sorry kids you'll have to stay home!" They had said.

Of course the kids were very upset by this. The day the parents had left it was bright and sunny out. Their parents said good bye and repeated the rules and left for the vacation. Petunia had walked straight to the living room, turned on the TV and watched TV for about 2 and a half hours. Because Petunia was 16 she had her license. She was quite responsible on the road and when they would need it she could drive Jeffrey, who was only 12, anywhere they needed to go. The parents had left behind money so they should be set. It would only be 2 weeks anyway.

"Petunia, can Randy come over and spend the night?" Jeffrey asked.

"Sure!" Petunia answered.

"Thanks Petunia!" He answered and walked to the kitchen to talk to Randy more. Petunia, rather hungry, got up and went to the kitchen and got, Cheese Puffs. She grabbed her cell phone and called her best friend Stacy.

"Stacy are you aloud to come over?" She said into her iPhone. Stacy was allowed to come over for the night, so Jeffrey and Petunia straightened up the house for when their friends arrived.

There was a knock at the door at 5:00. Petunia answered it and there stood Randy and Stacy.

"Hi Guys!" Petunia said and gestured them in to the house.

The 4 of them watched tons of movies on the TV till they all became hungry. None of them had eaten dinner so Petunia ordered pizza, wings, bread-sticks, pop, and cinnamon bread-sticks. When the food arrived they pigged in and went on watching movies.

At 11:45 they all ate a little more and then thought about games they could play. They all got along quite well. They decided they would play Truth or Dare.

"Okay Stacy, Truth or Dare?" Asked Randy.

"Truth!" She answered quickly.

"Have you ever kissed a boy?" He asked giggly.

To Be Continued.....

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