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Written & Illustrated by KKC BAUDER

far, far away in a far, far away land

        Even now, even though, many forests no longer grow, there is a place that still stands, hidden far, far away in a far, far away land.

If you stand very still, quiet now, "Ssshhhh!" What do you see? Nothing, that's true.  Do you want to know why? Yes? Rock Goblins are shy.

They cover themselves with mud and small stones, so those who pass by will leave them alone. For, as everyone knows, Rock Goblins are as beautiful as beautiful goes.

        And passers by, though pure of heart, cannot resist a little part of beauty.

Now, they all agreed to hide below the sand and grit, and never show their loveliness, though it is a shame, and hence they got their ugly name.

And life went on as all life should, and they lived and loved in the shade of the wood.

Until a little goblin by the name of Grain, grew up to be very, very, very, very VAIN. She thought she was... well... the best, and would not listen to others warnings, and went wandering early one morning.

She shed the hat of mud and dirt and thought, "What could it hurt to show my loveliness to all?"

        Now it just so happened on that day, there were children out to play, and as Grain scurried by, one caught a glimpse from the corner of his eye. He snatched her up and "Ooohed" and "Ahhhed," and off they went with their new prize, much to little Grain's surprise.

She let out a scream and prayed real hard! She was never that scared that she could ever recall. What if no one heard her call?

Maybe we can help!  Maybe we can shout! Maybe we can help little Grain out! She promises to be good. She will never again brag. What do you think? Maybe we should! Are you ready now? Good!

Everyone shout:


Now from down the path, there grew such a thunder, the children stopped, and started to wonder. They turned toward the noise, and waited and watched. What did they see?

        From down the path, deep in the wood, there came a wall of rocks, that stood at least ten feet tall, and stood it should, but rather it moved and thundered and rumbled, as it roared through the forest and rattled and stumbled.

The children were both frightened! Wouldn't you be? They dropped little Grain, and started to run. They never looked back, and never returned. "No," they decided, "the woods were no fun!"

And when she had landed, the great wall stood still. The Goblins climbed down, and started to cheer! Little Grain had been rescued, and the woods were now clear.

From that day to this, there has never been seen, a Rock Goblin anywhere ever again. They all learned a lesson, from that Goblin named Grain. To lose their beauty is a shame it would seem.

It's not.

For beneath it all, deep in their hearts, there's a song that sometimes you can hear in your dreams.

Ssshhh, now go to sleep!

        If you're quiet and still, "Ssshhh," now go to sleep, and maybe, just maybe, into their dreams you can peep.

The End

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Written and Illustrated by: K.K.C. Bauder for Laura Alexandra Hays

The Author got the inspiration for her story, when her very stubborn daughter refused to fall asleep at night.  She tried everything!  Singing only made it worse since she could never remember the lyrics and sang songs like, "Go to sleep, little creep, go to sleep little baby...!"    She tried rubbing her daughter's hair, something her daughter is now completely addicted to much to Karen's dismay.  Reading was difficult, since she was trying to get her daughter to go to sleep and that's difficult with the light on - a requirement for reading.  So she finally decided to make up stories. Hope you enjoyed it!

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