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The Ghost of Annie Springer 2
by Taylor

It was a dark autumn night. Andy Jackson lay on his bed, secretly playing his Game Boy. It was starting to go on 12:00 AM. Andy turned off his Game Boy and started to fall asleep. But, in the far shadowy corner, there was a whisper. "Andy, wake up." Andy sat up. "Hello? How do you know my name? Who are you?" He asked. Annie slowly floated out of the corner. Her red hair was matted and knotted up and her skin was extremely pale. She had very dark circles under her eyes. "Listen to me, Andy. This is my home, not yours. Leave. Leave here and don't return!" She said, her voice a low growl. "Or you'll face the consequences the last child did," Annie said. Andy couldn't speak. He was in too much shock. "Is that clear?" Annie asked. "Uh huh." Andy nodded. Annie smiled. "All right then." Annie said and disappeared.

The next morning at breakfast, Andy picked at his waffles. "Andy, are you okay?" His mom asked. His dad had already left for work. "Yeah. Well, we have to move." Andy said. "What? Move? Who told you this?" His mom asked. "Annie. She said it's her home, not ours." Andy explained. "Annie? Andy, there's no other children here. Nobody else but you, your father and I, and the soon coming baby." His mom said. Andy shrugged. "I guess. It could have been my imagination." He said.

That night after supper and showers, Andy sat on his bed. He couldn't sleep. He kept thinking about what Annie said. "Consequences...?" His mind kept asking him. His light flickered off. "Andy, Andy, Andy," said a sly voice. "Hello? Annie? I know you're my imagination," Andy said. "No. I'm real as the danger you're in. Move out! Move away or else!" Annie said. "No! I won't. I will not leave." Andy argued. "Oh Andy! You are just like the last child," Annie said.

Downstairs, Andy's mother heard a scream and a cry for help, then silence. She ran upstairs. "Andy? AHHHHHH!" Andy's mom screamed. Andy was sprawled out on the bed, stabbed, with a note attached to the knife that read, "Move out or else" Andy's mom packed the suitcases and left a few months later. Another family moved in, and their twins discovered Annie 6 months later...

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